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The term 'Berber rugs' has recently been popularized, and is often used to describe the monochrome Beni-Ourain rugs which have had a resurgence in recent years. The truth is that all Moroccan rugs are in fact Berber rugs, as they are all made by different Berber tribes in Morocco. While these pieces vary greatly in design and construction, most use a Berber knot, which is something of a complex double-knot, wrapped twice around two wefts. 

The designs were shaped by climate conditions and tribal lifestyles. Freezing windy winters in the Atlas Mountains gave rise to thick high-pile rugs used for bedding while the dry hot Sahara produced airy, flat-weave rugs. The semi-nomadic culture required looms and carpets to be transportable, so in general vintage Berber rugs couldn’t extend beyond seven feet. Hence you will see more often smaller size rugs when it comes to vintage Moroccan rugs. 

We consider these rugs to be extremely versatile and can be often used layered, as a wall hanging, on the side of a bed, in bathrooms and even as furniture coverings. Our absolute favorite use is usually in a nursey as the style, colors and sizing lend perfectly to this. 

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  • Vintage Handmade Berber Rug 5.4x9.3
    Vintage Handmade Berber Rug 5.4x9.3
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