Lets Chat About Rugs with a Cup of Chai

  • Rugs- A love Letter by Aubrey Butcher

    You all probably know how I feel about rugs, but my friend Aubrey is an excellent Dallas based Interior Designer @gildedheights and she shared her viewpoint as someone who works with all kinds of homes and families on what is truly the best type of rug. Read more to find out!
  • How Lighting Affects the Color of Rugs

    I recently did a whole story on my Instagram regarding lighting, but I felt this topic was important enough to also do a blog post that could be easily referenced. 

    Lighting and Rugs! I often get asked if I edit my photos that are posted of the rugs. I want to start this by saying NEVER. I know they say never say never, but no really, NEVER. I do not add presets, filters, extra artificial lighting, photoshop, none of these. I take all my photos on my Iphone 12 and at MOST increase the exposure on an image if its a gloomy day. 

  • How to Mix and Match Rugs

    I often get asked "I want to match my current rug and have it coordinate, do you have anything?" 

    My answer is always "Of course!" Reason being, mixing oriental rugs is actually quite easy and the key is NOT trying to be matchy matchy! Mind Blown? Let me explain.