Collection: Small Runners/Rugs 6' or less

These are the rare ones that are perfect for the spaces that are not small enough for a mini but not big enough for a runner. Starting at 4' up to 6' long. We find these rugs are perfect for laundry room, double vanity's, and kitchen islands! 

Care: A rug pad is recommended to prevent movement.

Cleaning: Vacuum on occasion, with suction only. Spot clean with clear soap, a little bit of white vinegar, and water. Never use a carpet cleaner machine to clean a vintage rug. If your piece is fragile or antique, or needs a deep clean, take it to a professional.

All our rugs are vacuumed and checked for stains or major repairs needs prior to shipping. As these rugs are vintage, we cannot vouch for where they were prior to us acquiring them and some level of "use" is considered acceptable. 

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